Monthly Archives: September 2013

My ‘miracle’ detox plan

I recently completed a 3 day detox and I have been feeling amazing ever since as it’s totally reset my tastebuds.  I have always had a sweet tooth and could quite happily eat my way through a whole bag of Haribo Starmix or eat a ton of Cadburys Marvellous Creations (the ones with jelly beans […]

Training, Bio Signature & Detox

One of the parts of my training that I have always wanted to track but have never managed to get done properly is to get my body fat measured.  I bought myself a pair of callipers a while ago and used to get really frustrated because I was never sure if I was measuring the […]

Dancing after sprints & legs day… Are you crazy?!

  This weekend I went to an urban dance event called the Fitness Blastoff which was organised by SB Fitness.  Selena is a fitness trainer that I follow on Twitter who teaches dance classes around London and we have had numerous chats in the social media space but not actually met in person.  I think […]