Training, Bio Signature & Detox


One of the parts of my training that I have always wanted to track but have never managed to get done properly is to get my body fat measured.  I bought myself a pair of callipers a while ago and used to get really frustrated because I was never sure if I was measuring the correct place (the ones I used just took a measurement from one area) and the figure used to fluctuate wildly.  I even had my body fat measured on electric scales which I knew were pretty inaccurate and even though I was shrinking the bf measurements on the scales would keep increasing!  Not only did it annoy me but it also got me really depressed.

One of my friends from the gym mentioned that she has her bio signature measured every few months and this got me really interested in giving it a go.  If you’re not familiar with bio signature, it is a Charles Poliquin method that uses callipers to take body fat measurements from 12 different points.  Each point relates to a specific hormone issue, I already knew I had high cortisol levels as despite training hard and eating relatively clean (I follow the 80/20 principle) any progress on my stomach is incredibly slow, sometimes no progress at all.  I have a stressful job and I don’t get enough sleep which also contributes to this. 

I was really happy to hear the new PT at my gym was qualified to do bio signatures so I booked an appointment and finally found out what I have been dying to know all year!  The results of my bio signature gave me a body fat percentage of 22.4% (I have since found out bio sig doesn’t take into account your thigh or hamstring reading as the 10 points they take are sufficient to give an accurate measurement, the most important one being the stomach. The measurements are taken from the thigh and hamstring to check for hormone imbalances) which I was pretty happy with but I would like to get it lower.  

My results confirmed that I have high cortisol levels and also highlighted oestrogen and insulin issues.  I was advised to cut out complex carbs for 2 weeks to help try and resolve my stomach stress as I often have huge food babies after eating bread, rice, pasta etc. I was asked if I wanted to go on a detox to help reset my system and I immediately thought I was going to be put on a ‘starvation’ juice detox which I have always avoided.  Thankfully it wasn’t a juice only plan and it is for 3 days and consists of having a juice for breakfast, a sushi salad for lunch and a vegetable soup for dinner with a chia pudding afterwards (woohoo!  I’m allowed to eat pudding!).  In addition to the meals I have 2 snacks each day.



Today is the first day of my detox and everything on the plan tastes amazing.  The downside to it is that I have had a headache and also the shivers but this is all part of the detox process and so that will teach me a lesson for having a fondness for Haribo starmix and kettle chips.  

So my goal now over the next 6 months or so is to continue with my training so I develop more muscle and my aim is to get my body fat down to 17-15%.  I am going to get my abs one day!  


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  1. Nice post. That looks really tasty! Not the green potion, the salad! 🙂

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