Monthly Archives: October 2013

Weighty Issues

  This post covers a couple of things that I have wanted to write about for a little while.  The first covers why it’s important for women to incorporate strength training into their regime.  I came across an awesome article written by Allison Moyer who is a NBC figure competitor, personal trainer and nutritionist.  In […]

“You need to do less cardio” – Say whaaaaat?!

  This week I made a couple of adjustments to my training and nutrition following my second bio signature assessment.  The good news is that I have lost 1.2% body fat in the last month, the bad news is that my muscle development has practically ground to a halt with only a .2% increase.  The […]

40 things I have learnt about life

  This year I hit a milestone birthday and I was really dreading the lead up to it but I needn’t have worried at all because it’s actually been pretty awesome so far.  Here’s a list of things that I have learnt about life so far: 1)      It’s perfectly acceptable to still like Hello Kitty […]