40 things I have learnt about life



This year I hit a milestone birthday and I was really dreading the lead up to it but I needn’t have worried at all because it’s actually been pretty awesome so far.  Here’s a list of things that I have learnt about life so far:

1)      It’s perfectly acceptable to still like Hello Kitty when you’re 40… if you’re Asian

2)      If you still go clubbing be prepared for the fact that you will be one of the oldest people in the whole club.  Try to resist the urge to ask people if their parents know if they’re out so late and whether they have done their homework

3)      If your biological clock is ticking away it’s fine to smash it up and perhaps invest in a cat or two

4)      If you haven’t got married, bought a house, had children or own a fancy dinner set with posh cutlery it doesn’t matter.  Remember it’s your life, not anyone else’s so you can do what you want and not what other people expect you to do

5)      Learn to forgive people when they have hurt you because carrying hate and bitterness in your heart will only poison you.  Let go and move on because karma will deal with them in her own time

6)      Being kind is not a weakness.  It takes great strength to be kind and compassionate, especially if you’re surrounded by aholes

7)      If people don’t appreciate who you are and use you then you can cut them out of your life.  Don’t let a beautiful garden of flowers become cluttered up with weeds

8)      You are allowed to eat dessert before your main course.  Just because

9)      Your parents will always worry about you and treat you like you’re still a child.  As a result you will still act like Kevin the teenager (showing my age here!)

10)   Treat others how you like to be treated.  People won’t always behave in the same way but never drop your standards to meet the lower standards of others

11)   Don’t look to blame others when things go wrong in your life.  We are all masters of our own destiny and have the power to shape it as we want

12)   You are allowed to eat kettle chips for dinner, but only very rarely

13)   Don’t go on fad diets.  They will only make you miserable, view healthy eating as a lifestyle and not a short term solution

14)   Exercise regularly to prevent things going south.  Watch the Miley Cyrus twerking video to understand the importance of squats no matter how old you are

15)   You will have your heart broken a few times, but try not to let it break your spirit

16)   Choose your friends wisely and ignore random Facebook friend requests from guys who tell you that “you look like an angel who could save their soul”.  Tell them to go to church

17)   Always trust your instincts, they are there for a reason.  Ignore them at your own peril

18)   Don’t get so hung up on what you weigh because scales don’t tell you how awesome you are

19)   Don’t rely on others to make you happy.  It needs to come from within first and foremost

20)   It’s totally fine to watch a whole season of Breaking Bad/True Blood/Sons of Anarchy/Dexter/Supernatural (delete where applicable) in one weekend and not change out of your pyjamas

21)   If you have some spare time on your hands then why not think about doing some charity voluntary work or become a mentor to someone

22)   As you get older you won’t be able to meet up with your friends as often as you used to as everyone is always so busy.  Don’t worry, there’s no need to start putting up ‘Missing’ posters of them around town

23)   Revenge is not a dish best served cold.  Revenge should be avoided at all costs, walk away with your head held high and dignity intact

24)   If someone says ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ then she needs to think about getting some counselling for being psychotic

25)   Calories don’t count if you have forgotten what you have eaten

26)   Never fight over a man, he really isn’t worth it.  Oh ok, maybe if it was The Rock I might throw in a sneaky liver shot

27)   Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times – let’s not even go there.  Just run, run like Forrest Gump and don’t look back

28)   If you go food shopping without a shopping list then all sorts of random things will appear in your trolley like Haribo, Lindt chocolate, mini cheddars and jammy dodgers.  It’s blatantly obvious that someone else thinks your trolley is theirs and have been putting their stuff in it, it’s totally up to you what you do with these items

29)   If you’re an animal lover and go on holiday approach the local wildlife with care.  If a dog looks like it wants to bite your head off don’t think you can calm it down because you’re an avid fan of Cesar Millan and watch all his shows

30)   You can meet some awesome people online who will become really good friends in real life

31)   Ignore internet trolls.  Don’t waste valuable energy arguing with people that you don’t even know

32)   Don’t be afraid to go travelling on your own.  Even if it’s just going to the loo in a pub/club etc. you don’t always need to go with your friends

33)   Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to start making resolutions.   Have some for all year round and enjoy trying to reach them

34)   Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today, especially if you’re filling in your tax returns

35)   Try not to let the bad actions of others change who you are.  Look at it as a learning experience and reset your boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour

36)   If you bake a cake for a friend’s birthday don’t tell them that you ate most of the icing and had to make a second batch

37)   When people ask you why you’re not married tell them that you just got out of prison for manslaughter and your nickname is ‘Black Widow’

38)   It’s totally acceptable to own loads of pairs of shoes/trainers even though you can only wear one pair at a time.  It’s called being prepared for all occasions

39)   Don’t let the past hold you back from living in the present and affect the outcome of your future

40)   Make sure that you tell all the special people in your life how much they mean to you.  Life is unpredictable and precious and you never know what it may hold

I actually have lots more that I wanted to write down but I’ll wait until I hit my 50th birthday! 🙂

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