“You need to do less cardio” – Say whaaaaat?!



This week I made a couple of adjustments to my training and nutrition following my second bio signature assessment.  The good news is that I have lost 1.2% body fat in the last month, the bad news is that my muscle development has practically ground to a halt with only a .2% increase. 

The really great news is that my stomach area which has always been a problem area for me has lost 20% of its total fat since my last assessment and my lurve handles also had a similar decrease, along with a decrease amongst the majority of the other body areas that fat is measured from.  Oddly enough the fat measurements on my triceps have increased slightly (sod off bingo wings, I will not have any KFC buckets hanging off my arms thank you very much) and also on my chest (this is good, nothing wrong with having more boobage in my books!).

So I have been advised to do two things:

Do less cardio – Yes you heard me right.  I know some people don’t like cardio and they do it out of necessity because they want to improve their cardio fitness and try to lose body fat but I love it, unfortunately for my current goals doing a lot of cardio is counter productive.  I found myself bargaining with my bio PT about how much cardio I can do each week.  I currently do about 3 ½ hours a week of a mixture of running (incl. sprints), boxing, cycling and Muay Thai bag work.  I’m now only allowed to do 1 hour a week and none of that hour can be steady state cardio, it has to be HIIT sessions only lasting no more than 20 mins – aaaarrrrrrrrgh!

So this is the first week I’ve had to really cut down on my cardio and it’s been pretty tough on my mindset if I’m honest.  But I’m determined to reach my goals and they do get assessed each month based on my bio signature results so let’s see what happens over the next 3 weeks.

No complex carbs – Yep, you heard me right again.  Before you freak out and ask where I’m going to get my carbs from these come from fruit and vegetables (but mainly veg).  Now the reason why I have been told to cut out complex carbs is because my highest bio signature readings show insulin and cortisol imbalances.  This is because whenever I eat complex carbs my insulin levels spike up like crazy, this would explain why after eating them I am literally in a coma within 20 minutes.  I’m now only allowed to eat complex carbs once a week in my cheat/treat/refeed/pig out/strategic metabolism meal (delete where applicable).  This is the tough bit, I was advised that I could probably look at reintroducing them slowly back into my diet more around January 2014.

Since I’ve been told I have to cut out complex carbs it’s made me look into my macros to make sure I’m fuelling myself properly so I can achieve my training goals.  I now aim to eat the following per day:

114.9g of carbs

183.9g of protein

71.5g of fat

Dang, that’s a lot of protein!  It’s 3 weeks until my next bio signature assessment and I have been given a target of 19.9% body fat to reach.  Stay tuned for the next update 🙂

If you want to check your macros you can go to www.iifym.com

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