Weighty Issues



This post covers a couple of things that I have wanted to write about for a little while.  The first covers why it’s important for women to incorporate strength training into their regime.  I came across an awesome article written by Allison Moyer who is a NBC figure competitor, personal trainer and nutritionist.  In her article Allison tackles head on the myths that many females have about strength training and why they’re too scared to give it a go.  She debunks these myths brilliantly and I highly recommend you give it a read:


I started weight training in my early 20s and at the time I didn’t really know anything except being given a training programme by my gym and being told to crack on with it.  As it happens I ended up becoming friendly with a group of guys in the free weights area as I was one of the very few females who was lifting weights regularly.  I started training with a few of them who were a mixture of martial artists, track and field amateur athletes and body builders.  Needless to say that really ignited my love of fitness and strength training.  I couldn’t imagine my life without weights and I hope the article by Allison Moyer makes you think about embracing the iron life if you don’t already.

The second issue I want to touch on is the obsession that many females have about weighing themselves and wanting to reach their ‘perfect’ weight.  I have to hold my hand up to this one too!  For years I had the magic number of 135lbs in my head and thought this was my ideal weight.  There was no logical reason why I wanted to be that particular weight, it was a number I plucked out of thin air.  The funny thing is that I did manage to get down to this weight years ago (not from a healthy lifestyle either) and I actually looked ill.  What was worrying at the time is that a couple of friends thought I looked great.  If they knew what I was doing to be that weight they would have thought it was anything but great.  Thankfully I have realised since then there is no perfect weight for me, it doesn’t exist and it shouldn’t exist for you either.

Now I look at my body composition; what my muscle mass is in comparison to my body fat, how I look in the mirror, how my clothes fit and what the tape measure tells me.  Let these be your guide to your progress, not what the scales tell you.          

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