A month of progress, insights & success!


 November started off on a bit of a low note for me due to two reasons.  The first one being that I usually go on my annual trip to Thailand to train at Sinbi Muay Thai camp for the whole month of November, except I wasn’t able to this year for work reasons so I was a sad bunny.  Secondly, and this was actually worse than not being able to go to Thailand, I had picked up a couple of injuries from running and so wasn’t able to train my legs for a whole month!  I was convinced my hard earned hamstrings and quads were shrinking on a daily basis and I would soon look like the chicken leg guys that train at my gym as I was only able to train my top half whilst recovering.

However, the good things that have happened this month have far outweighed the negatives and it’s because even though I had a strained right hamstring and left calf muscle I was still able to train around my injuries and it also made me pay closer attention to my nutrition.  More on that a little later.

This month I have been training with a few of my very lovely gym buddies and it has been a lot of fun.  Two of my friends, Diane,  Lisa and I decided to do the plank challenge in November which involved doing the plank for 30 seconds on the first day of the month and continuing for four consecutive days with the time going up each day with the fifth being a rest day.  By the second last day of the month you would hold the plank for 4 and a half minutes and the final day would be to hold it for as long as possible.  We were so dedicated to the challenge that even our Pilates teacher decided to join in and now makes the whole class do the plank for 90-100 seconds at the end of every class.  Diane gave us the nickname of ‘The triangle of success’ and it’s actually made us now look at other fitness challenges we can do together.  So this month we have also been doing pull ups and chin ups, pistol squats balancing on one kettlebell, press ups balancing on medicine balls, planks on a medicine ball or lying across two swiss balls and all sorts of other stuff.  Today we cranked out 5 minutes on the plank challenge and we held it strong!  

Today I had my biosignature assessment and was really delighted to find out that in three weeks since my last measurement I have lost 1.4% body fat and added on 1.5 kg of muscle mass. I have only been having my biosignature done for the last 2.5 months and in that time I have lost 3.1% body fat and thanks to some tweaks to my nutrition this month my muscle mass has started to increase whereas before it was static. I have added more protein and fat to my diet whilst keeping my carb intake relatively low and reduced the amount of cardio that I do.  I have put on a little weight since I was last measured but I don’t actually care about the scales, I’m more interested in what my body composition is.  My goal was to reach sub 20% this year and I am currently now at 19.1% so I am a happy bunny.  Now I am looking to reach 15% by next April/May.

Finally, this month I am taking part in a fitness charity fundraiser with my colleagues from my old work place to raise money for the Philippines disaster fund.  The plan is for everyone taking part to collectively walk, run or cycle 6,793 miles which is the distance from UK to Philippines and to manage this within 13 days.  Each person taking part has pledged a number of miles they will meet.  I was given the green light by my osteopath last week to be able to train my legs again so I decided to pledge 100 miles of cycling.  If you would like to check out our progress, or even be kind enough to make a donation you can go to www.onenationtoanother.com.

Thanks for reading my latest fitness ramblings!  I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

Ps. Friday is my cheat day so for lunch today I had pie and chips.  I have since had a pie food baby all day. It’s back to clean eating tomorrow!

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