Gym Buddies + Training = HAPPINESS!

ImageI would like to dedicate this post to my hugely motivational and inspirational gym buddies and all the staff at my gym.

This week has been my favourite training week of the year so far because I’m blessed to have not one, two or even three regular training buddies but I actually have four!  I have been training with all of them and also a session with my Personal Trainer Toby ‘Wan Kenobi’.  Phew, that’s a lot of fitfam awesomeness in one week.

My week started off with my regular 6.30am PT session on Monday and Toby decided to make it a legs day.  What kind of sadistic personal trainer would give you a legs session on Monday when everyone knows its Chest day?  Toby, that’s who!  By the end of the hour I was already walking like Bambi on ice thanks to a combination of squats, lunges, deadlifts and something that is now known as ‘the hamstring killer’. Most people would have called it a day after that but I had scheduled in a sparring session with my friend Helen who has been kicking my butt for two years now.  We had agreed to fit in a cheeky sparring bout in before Christmas when I jokingly said to her “Let’s give each other a black eye for Christmas”, the girls who overheard us in the changing rooms probably thought we were a bit bonkers.  You may be glad to hear there were no black eyes that day, just a dead leg or two.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays were training with Karen who is my ‘hench’ gym buddy.  We have similar goals we want to achieve from training and I always really enjoy our strength sessions.  We push each other hard and it’s always hugely motivational to have a friend who totally gets the fitness and nutrition lifestyle.  We also both have a fondness for Haribo which we’re trying to kick… one day at time!

My other two training buddies are Diane and Lisa who along with myself are known as ‘The Triangle of Success’.  We set ourselves fitness challenges and along with attending some of the gym classes together we also do strength sessions.  Every time I train with Diane and Lisa I am in fits of giggles, we train hard and laugh hard.  We even had a special guest star join one of our training sessions this week, our very lovely Gym manager which was a lot of fun.  To top off a really fantastic week I also managed to get over my phobia of doing box jumps thanks to Diane and Lisa giving me the courage to give them a try today.  I have always had a huge fear of tripping and smashing my teeth on the box which makes me freeze whenever I try to do them.  My 20 year fear is no more, I have finally conquered the 18 inch box!

Thank you to all my friends for inspiring and motivating me with your amazing progress and making my fitness journey be full of highs and beating personal records.  2013 with you has been amazing, 2014 is going to ROCK!

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