My Precious! aka. Olympic Ring Training


Today I have had a really epic, but absolutely exhausting day of training.

I started off by doing Day 3 of Ashley Horner’s latest training programme called Pipe Hitter.  Today’s session was lower body and consisted of box jumps, burpees (does anyone actually like doing these?!), deadlifts, squats, running, press ups and other stuff that I have now forgotten because my brain has gone blank.  In short, it was another really intense training session but I really enjoyed it even though my legs were still sore from Day 1 and my upper body was sore from Day 2.  You get the picture!

As I finished my Pipe Hitter training one of the gym instructors asked me if I wanted to have a go on his rings.  Now before you start thinking we’ve moved into Fifty Shades of Grey territory he was referring to Olympic ring training.  One of my goals for 2014 is to master bodyweight training and I have always wanted to have a go on Olympic rings.  All I can say is wow, it really works you hard!  Holding your bodyweight is hard enough, but trying to balance on two rings that can move so easily that you head butt the floor, a wall or the frame they’re hanging from is something else.  I’m hooked!

As if being tired from Pipe Hitter wasn’t enough I had booked myself in for the lunch time yoga class and boy did I need it.  Every single muscle in my body was literally screaming, unfortunately my hamstrings decided to cramp up during warrior and tree poses which was really uncomfortable and my hips felt like they were going to explode during the pigeon pose.  Ouch.

After nearly crippling myself I decided to book myself in for a hot stone massage.  It was so painful and amazing at the same time and very much needed.  I had to apologise to my massage therapist as whenever I have a massage or osteo/physio treatment and it hurts, my reflex reaction is to punch or kick the person doing it.  Actually, it happens whenever I have any kind of treatment as I nearly gave my hygienist an uppercut to the chin when she was cleaning my teeth recently and she stabbed my tongue with the electric scraper which really bloody hurt!  Thankfully there were no punches or kicks thrown during my massage.

To top off an awesome day I finished it by going to the BodyART class which is by far one of my favourite gym classes I have been to.  As it was post Christmas and the gym was still really quiet there were only three people in the class, my fab gym buddies and training partners Diane and Lisa who along with myself are known as ‘The Triangle of Success’.  Our teacher Alina is amazing and a huge inspiration to the three of us, because it was just us Alina really turned up the pace in the class and I was literally sweating buckets onto my yoga mat.  When I checked my heart rate monitor at the end of class my peak recorded BPM was 158.  Unfortunately my hamstrings also started cramping again in BodyART which is a sure sign that I need to rest so I’m going to spend the next two days not training to give my body a break and allow my muscles to heal and grow.

I can’t wait for 2014 to start as I have some pretty big fitness goals I would like to achieve.  2013 has been a fantastic year for training and that’s just the start of even bigger and better things to come. 🙂


If you would like to find out more about BodyART you can go to:



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