2013 Fitness Round Up


Captain’s log – 1st Jan 2014. Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you aren’t suffering from hangovers today, I am but mine isn’t alcohol induced.  Mine comes from eating kettle chips and Lindt truffles.  If you eat clean you will know exactly how I feel having a food hangover, they aren’t very pleasant. 

How did you get on in 2013 achieving your fitness goals?  I was thinking about the various lists I had written throughout the year and looking back I realised that I achieved far more in 2013 than I originally set out to do!  Here’s a recap that I would like to share with you:

– I started using a Personal Trainer who has helped me really refine my weights technique, created hardcore training sessions that got me into such good shape for Tough Mudder that I wasn’t even tired at the end of the event, has helped me reduce my body fat throughout the year by around 8-10% (I don’t have a more accurate figure as I only started getting my body fat measured in the last quarter of the year) and continues to kick my ass on a weekly basis so I can achieve my various goals to be strong, fit, lean and mean.  Thank you Toby Mayers of TJM Training

– Used a nutritionist for the first time which gave me a really good insight into what I should be eating to get the most out of my training sessions.  I used Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition to also help me get into shape for Tough Mudder as I wanted to lose body fat and build muscle.  Thanks to Mike’s nutrition plan it turned me into a ‘Super  Soldier’ (one of Mike’s buzz words) and I loved it!  Mike is also a BJJ geek and so enthusiastic and supportive of his clients.  What a lovely chap

– Entered Tough Mudder and smashed it.  I had a really great bunch of team mates so thanks to The Merry Band of Mudders for helping me achieve a goal to enter 

– Became an Alpha Supplements sponsored Athlete.  Alpha Supplements is a new company that launched in 2013.  One of my friends had put my name forward to them as in addition to looking for fighters/athletes they also wanted to sponsor regular people who hold down a busy job but also make fitness a big part of their lifestyle.  Alpha Supplements are awesome and I’m really honoured to be part of their team.  I also contribute to their blog.  If you buy any products from them you can use my discount code ROSIE at the check out to get a 5% discount http://www.alphasupps.co.uk/

– Discovered biosignature body fat measurements.  This has been one of my most important fitness and health related achievements in 2013.  Biosignature uses the Charles Poliquin method of measuring your body fat from 12 different points, each point relates to a hormone imbalance.  As a result of having my biosig done I have been working on addressing cortisol, insulin and oestrogen imbalances through training and nutrition and this has made a really big difference to my body.  My last body fat reading was 19.1% which means I’m not too far off my target of 15%. Marta who takes my measurements is one of the most kick ass ladies I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  She is a Personal Trainer and also part of the Insanity team in the UK, she is a bonafide bad ass

– Started following Ashley Horner’s training programmes.  Ashley Horner is a WBFF pro and triathlete and has created a number of training programmes according to your particular goals.  I have completed ‘Becoming Extraordinary’ which is geared towards overall muscle tone and weight loss.  I am now doing her latest programme ‘Pipe Hitter’ which is HARDCORE!!  I am getting my butt kicked with each session but I absolutely love it.  In addition to following Ashley’s plans I am also a regular participant in an online group of people who also follow her training plans.  We all discuss our experiences, share progress stories/pics and provide support and motivation to each other.  The men and women I have met online are AMAZING! There are so many inspirational women that I speak to on a regular basis and Ashley also participates in the group and is really encouraging to everyone.  You can find out about Ashley’s plans at http://ashleyhorner.co/

– Made new friends with some of the regulars at my gym.  As I train at 6.30am I see the usual faces at my gym at that time and we usually all say hello to each other and ask how training is going.  I have now started training with three of the regular members and they are not only great training partners but also we have become really good friends.  Training with other people is great motivation, you each have your strengths and weaknesses and you can really push each other past your comfort zone.  I also got a chance to train with my best friend a few times, she lives in Bristol and I live in London and 2013 was the first time we ever managed to run and lift weights together in our many years of friendship. I hope there are plenty more opportunities for this to happen in the near future

– I rediscovered a love for holistic training.  In 2013 I started doing Pilates again after many years of not doing it after being traumatised by a sadistic teacher who would grab handfuls of my hair to correct my posture!   My gym also has an amazing class called BodyART which I can only describe as high intensity yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi mixed in with some plyometric drills.  It’s absolutely amazing and our teacher is awesome.  I have also been doing yoga in addition to Pilates and BodyART as I do a lot of strength and conditioning training it’s really important for me to balance this out

– Finally learnt to enjoy running. I used to hate it!

So that sums up some of my 2013 highlights, there have been many more but I won’t bore you with them!  A couple of downsides for me in 2013 is that I didn’t get a chance to go to Thailand and train at Sinbi Muay Thai camp which I like to do as a regular annual trip and I haven’t spent much time training with my Gunns MMA family as my focus for last year was all about strength & conditioning so I really hit the weights a lot.  I will definitely be adding more martial arts back into my training for 2014, doing more body weight training (Olympic rings and calisthenics here I come!) along with a goal to get back to teaching my kick ass circuit classes.  I always set various health and fitness related goals throughout the year as I progress and like to try new things so expect to see more write ups. Happy training and thanks for reading. 🙂

Rosie Guns


  1. I’m looking forward to exploring other martial arts styles in the coming year. Good luck getting back into it. Best to you.

    1. Hi T.D! Thanks for your comment. Which martial arts are you looking to start?

      1. I was looking to start Wing Chun – which seems to be most related to what I already know. Punches and kicks are very similar to Northern Shaolin.

  2. Hi there – we’d like to include a motivation moment from you in FITNESS Magazine, but I’d like to include your name along with (@RosieCuppaTea). What is your name?
    Gary Negbaur
    research editor

    1. Hi Gary – thanks so much for your feedback. My name is Rosie Lee, I’m honoured! 🙂

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