International Chest Day – We Salute You!


Today has been pretty good, infact it’s been AWESOME! (if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will probably have noticed that awesome is one of my favourite words).  Every Monday at 6.30am I have my weekly training session with my Personal Trainer Toby ‘Wan Kenobi’.  As today was our first session of 2014 I discussed my goals I want to achieve for this year and I could already see Toby’s mind whirling into action as he began to think of numerous ways to try and break me to reach my goals – I love it!

So what do people usually train on Monday?  It’s CHEST DAY!  We mix up our sessions according to what I have been training the previous few days so today we also added back exercises into the mix as like most females, my chest and back are pretty weak areas that I need to work on a lot.  Throughout 2013 my strength has been coming along at a steady, progressive pace and I’m making sure that I’m patient and my training is consistent with what I want to achieve.  By the end of the hour I was pooped, but had saved some energy in the gas tank to have my weekly sparring session with Helen, one of my training buddies.  Helen has really long limbs, infact I call her orang-utan arms because she can punch me from about 20 feet away, unfortunately for me she also has really long legs and can kick me from about 30 feet away.  I have short arms AND short legs so if I have a chance of hitting her I have to shoot in really quick, inflict my damage and get outta there pretty sharpish – a lot like a mosquito, actually, maybe my new nickname this year should be ‘the hornet’ which sounds a bit more vicious rather than annoying. 😉

Today I also had my biosignature assessment.  My last reading I had at the end of November was 19.1% which I was really happy with as one of my goals for 2013 was to get to sub 20%.  As it has been the Christmas and New Year break I had been eating less clean than I normally do (thanks to my best friend bringing me 3 boxes of Lindt truffles just after Christmas) and so I was convinced my body fat measurement would have gone up rather than down.  Well, I was in for a really pleasant surprise.  My body fat had gone down… to 17.6%!  I was also really pleased to see that I had also put on a few pounds of lean muscle mass for the second month running so my lean bulking has been working well (I tweak my macros to try and add muscle bulk whilst keeping fat gain to a minimum).  Each time I have my biosig done my practitioner advises me on how to combat the highest readings and I’m really happy the tweaks she recommends work as sometimes you need to do a bit of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t.  My highest reading is still in my abdominal area which indicates high cortisol levels.  This can be as a result of emotional stress, digestive stress (from eating foods that your body has problems processing), lack of sleep and also stress from exercising for too long.  I’m really mindful that I need to work on all these things to bring my stomach fat down, this is going to take a while to achieve as it has always been my most stubborn area of my body to change.  I was ridiculously happy after getting my biosig done so I was literally running around the office kissing my biceps and saying to people “Kiss my guns!”

To top off a really great day I finished it off with my favourite gym class – BodyART.  I really love it.  BodyART is a combination of yoga, Pilates & holistic training. Almost every movement is dynamic and really makes you focus on using every single muscle, there were a lot of wobbly arms and legs going on throughout the class from everyone.  It’s very challenging but at the same time also very energising and for me very spiritual.  I often feel my energy surging through my hands throughout the class and when we cool down at the end of the class I sometimes see colours and I usually feel very peaceful and happy.  My teacher Alina is fantastic, I also get to do the class with my friends too which always makes it fun. 

I am so happy with today’s training and biosignature results.  It has been a great start to 2014.  I hope you have a great week. Until we meet again my fit family!    


  1. This is great, super inspirational stuff, LOVE chest day! Well done with your body fat %age achievement too. Check out my blog for some ideas too

    1. Thanks. I’ll definitely check out your blog 🙂

  2. Everybody loves chest day!

    1. Judging by all the guys at the gym in the evening so do they!

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