I’m Going Back To My Roots…


This weekend has been an eye opener for a couple of reasons.  It made me realise that in my quest to become hench it had made me forget about a part of my life that is so deep in my soul that I cannot ignore it anymore. 

I had a body composition assessment done along with a review of my nutrition because even though I have been having a biosignature body fat reading done each month there was always a niggling doubt at the back of my mind about the numbers.  I always thought the results were too low for what I actually am.  My body comp assessment confirmed what I had thought, my final measurement is actually 6% more.  Was I annoyed by this?  I thought I would be but I wasn’t.  I was actually glad to know that my doubts were confirmed and my result from my stomach which is the one area I have always struggled with has actually gone down a little – hooray!  So it’s not all bad news, quite the opposite infact.  Now I have a more accurate percentage I can stop wasting my time miserably thinking I would have to get down to at least 10% body fat in order to try and see some abs!  I want to be and also look lean and strong, but I don’t want to deprive myself of certain foods, starve myself or spend endless hours in the gym trying to achieve a result I’m happy with.  I need to maintain a healthy balance between my food intake and my training.  I am incredibly lucky that I have numerous friends who are fitness professionals with years of knowledge and experience.  Spending time with them and talking through my goals has meant I am always learning from them and now at a stage where I know what works for me and what doesn’t.

I recently did a training programme called Pipe Hitter which I loved in the first few weeks, unfortunately my body didn’t.  It made me bloat out (which I attributed to excessive cortisol production), I couldn’t sleep properly and I lost strength in my lifts apart from the ones I was doing in the programme.  I decided to stop doing it after three weeks because the CrossFit style of training that was in Pipe Hitter didn’t work for me and I don’t want to waste time doing something that isn’t getting me the results that I want.    

I spent most of 2013 focusing on my strength and conditioning in my quest to reduce my body fat and put on lean muscle.  I don’t regret the twelve months I spent chasing that goal as it has been a great journey and long may it continue.  But this weekend as I was at a MMA event with friends, it made me realise how I have barely done any martial arts training in the last year because I had replaced it all with weight training.  It’s time for me to readdress the balance.  

My goals will still be the same, to increase the numbers on my lifts in the gym. I would definitely like to get my body fat lower now that I have the ‘true’ figure of what it is.  But the most important part is that I will get back to my roots of what I love the most – stand up combat sports.  Someone recently said to me when they heard I had changed my mind about wanting to compete in a figure competition that they knew it wasn’t where my heart is.  They told me that I’m a martial artist, not a body builder.  I hate to admit it, but they’re right!





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