New York Oh How I Love Thee!


When I was a kid I always had a recurring dream that I could fly through the streets of New York.  My dreams were always very vivid and it has been a life long ambition to go one day.  So here I am, currently on my second last day of my holiday in New York and it has been an absolute blast!

I have managed to do quite a lot since I’ve been here. I have visited the Empire State building, walked over Brooklyn Bridge, meandered through Chinatown and been pleasantly surprised that I don’t get stared at like I do in Hong Kong or Chinatowns elsewhere in the world.  I have eaten some amazing meals, travelled on the subway even though I was constantly in ninja mode as I have watched too many US crime series where people get murdered on the train, met up with one of my Facebook friends who I know through a couple of fitness groups and she is super cool and was really fun, walked through Central Park, went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Union Square and saw lots of buildings that I recognise from various movies and TV series. I have been instagramming like mad whilst here, there are so many interesting buildings and things to see.  

When I’m on holiday I still train, I like to start each day with a session and so I have been doing 25 mins of HIIT each morning followed by some strength and conditioning.  My sprint drills started this week after a few months off and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hurl everywhere (LOL!) and I am also a step closer to being able to do unassisted pull ups which is something I have been working towards for months.  

I haven’t gone crazy on junk food since I have been in New York as I don’t want to undo all my hard work in the gym and the food portions here are HUGE!  I have actually struggled to finish some of my meals, usually I feel guilty leaving food  on my plate as I have been brought up to eat everything (my sisters used to lecture me and say that there are starving children in Africa who would love to eat my food so me being a smart mouth used to tell my sisters to post my dinner over there because I didn’t want it).  Before I flew out I had a long list of food that I wanted to try in New York, but as it happens now I’m here I don’t actually want to eat some of them so I’m looking forward to going back home and eating my usual diet again.  

New York has exceeded my expectations.  People here say good morning to you, ask how you’re doing, they wish you a good day etc.  You don’t get that back home in London.  I think London is an awesome place to live but the people are pretty miserable (probably because of our crap weather).  

I will be a little sad to leave New York as I’ve had an amazing time but all good things must come to an end.  I have some fantastic experiences to look back on and I’m sure this visit won’t be the only one I make.  Thank you New York for having me!  

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