Monthly Archives: May 2014

In Kickass Memory of Wang, Sinbi Muay Thai

Today I heard some sad news. One of my Muay Thai trainers back in Thailand had lost his battle against leukaemia and passed away.  I’m not ashamed to admit upon hearing the news I bawled like a baby. I met Wang back in November 2011 on my first visit to Thailand to train at Sinbi […]

“What’s the point of doing martial arts if you don’t compete?”

 This weekend I found myself in a couple of discussions with guys who didn’t understand why anyone would learn martial arts without competing.  The first conversation started off in a coffee shop near my gym.  One of the staff saw my boxing gloves and asked me what I was doing and asked if I was […]

Kicking Ass & Calisthenics

This week’s training has been a lot of fun.  Infact I would say it’s actually been epic! I have really been enjoying training the last few months after a temporary bad patch where I had completely lost my mojo after having a bad experience with a cookie cutter training plan that I had been following.  […]

The Day I Channelled my Inner Eddy Gordo from Tekken

At the MMA gym where I train we are incredibly fortunate to have a timetable of great classes which covers various combat sports and martial arts such as boxing, Glory kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and one that I have always wanted to try – Capoeira. I normally spend my Sunday mornings doing Muay Thai, […]