They tried to make me go to rehab… I went to the bar(bell)

Rehab training - calf raises with a 20kg kettlebell

Rehab training – calf raises with a 20kg kettlebell

The first half of the year is very nearly over which gives me a good opportunity to review my health & fitness goals that I set myself in 2014, see if I am on track to achieving them and if not to evaluate, make tweaks where necessary and look at goals for the remainder of the year. I’m happy to say that I’m on track although there is still a lot of work to be done.

I started off the first quarter of 2014 in a bit of a training funk and had lost my motivation after doing a CrossFit style training programme that really didn’t agree with me. It left me feeling bloated, exhausted and generally looking and feeling like crap which is not what I expect from my training. As a result of that I decided to stop following fitness model cookie cutter plans and look at doing my own training and so I went back to martial arts and joined a MMA gym.

I also found a couple of really awesome groups to train with called Wonder Woman Workshops and Strength Ambassadors who are owned by Suzie ‘The Suzinator’ Lubuska and Sally Moss. Thanks to Suzie it was at her workshop that I rediscovered my love for strength training after attending an outdoor strong woman session and through Sally I have discovered a new love for Olympic lifting and bodyweight training (also known as Calisthenics).

I also got shot in the ass by Cupid’s arrow with my MMA gym thanks to the awesome coaches, the classes, facilities and the friendliness of the staff and members. Thanks to a combination of all the above I am really having fun with my training again. I’m constantly getting pushed beyond my comfort zone, training hard and learning new techniques whilst refining the skills I currently have. I also have access to equipment that wasn’t available at my regular gym which are battle ropes, prowler sled, truck tyre with sledgehammer, Olympic rings and other cool stuff. I am in full on beast mode!

Prowler sprints are one of my fave things to do in the gym

Prowler sprints are one of my fave things to do in the gym

This year hasn’t been without a few downers though. With change comes having to let go of certain things in order to progress. I made the hard decision to leave my commercial gym after being there for five years. Over the last year I had outgrown the place and most of the classes they had on offer just didn’t interest me, I felt like I was missing something and I was – martial arts, boxing and conditioning sessions. I’m doing all these things now and I couldn’t be happier.

I have also spent the last month covered in rock tape and having osteo treatement due to a couple of injuries. My left patella is wearing away and last year I tore my right calf muscle (I didn’t even realise until the osteo told me) and as a result of these two things I have a muscle imbalance and my right side has been taking more weight which ended up aggravating my calf muscle so it was getting strained regularly. However, I’m not annoyed at having been injured. Quite the opposite, it’s made me re-evaluate my training and I have been given a rehab strength training programme by one of the conditioning coaches at my gym and I have also started doing Pilates and Yoga again which I really love.

One of the biggest changes for me in 2014 has been my mindset. I was placing too much emphasis on how I wanted to look and putting unnecessary pressure on myself previously to try and reach a ‘magic’ body fat percentage so I would look a certain way. Instead I am now focusing on what my body can do and as a result of that my body has changed on its own accord without me trying to ‘force’ it to look a particular way and I’m happy with the progress as I am getting leaner and stronger. I even had a stranger comment on my arms yesterday on my way home after my Oly lifting session, she said she wished she had arms like mine!

My training schedule for the next month will be:

Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – Conditioning in the morning. Muay Thai in the evening
Wednesday – Glory Kickboxing
Thursday – Rest day
Friday – Lower body rehab strength training in the morning. Yoga in the evening
Saturday – Boxing & Olympic lifting
Sunday – Pilates and upper body strength training

My schedule is not set in stone though, it’s important to be flexible with your training and listen to your body. If I’m not feeling up to anything that I have planned then I won’t feel guilty about needing to take an extra rest day… or sneak another training session in! 🙂


  1. you’re looking good! Looking forward to more of your post!:)

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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