Tuesday Conditioning – Beastmode Engaged!

One of the many things I love about training at a MMA gym is that they are bound to have awesome conditioning sessions.  If you have ever seen fighters training, whether it’s strength work, conditioning, technique drills, sparring (depends on your partners) etc. they pretty much go all out beast mode and I really love that mentality because it pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone.  At the time I sometimes feel like puking my guts or I will be silently cursing the coach for putting us through hell but afterwards when the endorphins hit you and you are a quivering, sweaty mess you feel on top of the world (unless you did actually puke!). 

My gym has conditioning sessions which are taught by four different coaches.  Each coach is awesome and they have their ‘signature’ style for the way they run their sessions.  Every Tuesday morning at 7am I wipe the sleep out of my eyes, try to stop yawning, pray for my double espresso to kick in and I psyche myself up for the conditioning session with Derry from Temple Training.  Derry is also my Personal Trainer who I have been using to help me with some rehabilitation strength work to make me less susceptible to injuries after a torn calf muscle and a degrading patella have been diagnosed.  I have also given Derry the task of helping me develop a bubble butt (and a few other goals), this is a task that others have tried and failed to help me achieve.  I have stubborn Asian genetics but thanks to my gym and with Derry’s training sessions my little pancake booty is finally making some progress.  I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to star in a Sir Mix-a-Lot video if he ever decided to record ‘Baby Got Back The Sequel’ but this is probably the only time that I would want to make a mountain out of a mole hill!

So today’s session was more evil than usual because after warm up stretches and cardio, Derry decided to split us into two teams and make us race against each other.  The losing team would have to do a forfeit.  It’s a bit much to take in at 7am but I’m pretty competitive so it was on like Donkey Kong! 

Today’s session consisted of two circuits which were broken into the following:

Circuit One (each person does the full circuit 3 times and can choose from a variety of weights at the relevant stations.  The weight in brackets are the ones that I used:

15 x Double arm kettlebell swings (20kg)

15 x power bag shoulder press (20kg)

10 x dumbbell bent over reverse flyes with 10 x Supermans (4kg)

10 x box jumps or box step ups (I had to do step ups as my little munchkin legs can’t jump very high and my teeth are one of my fave parts of my body and I don’t fancy losing them by smashing my face on the box from a bad jump!)

10 x crash mat burpees (these are soooooo evil)

10 x kettlebell bent over rows (12kg each hand)

Speed ladder walking lunges

The losing team after circuit one had to each do 20 x press ups and 20 x burpees.  My team won – yaaaay!

Circuit Two (same as above, each person does the full circuit 3 times)

20 x jumping lunges

10 x power bag cleans (20kg)

20 x side step jump overs (both hands are on the step and you jump side to side)

10 x Kettlebell squats (I normally do 12kg each side but I had to wimp out and do 6kg ‘cos my right calf with the torn muscle injury was cramping)

20 x hurdle side jumps

2 x farmers walks (the guys on my team picked 34kg dumbbells.  I like to think I’m quite strong but that was too hardcore for me so I ended up doing them with 20kg)

The losing team had to do the full circuit again.  My team won – double yaaaaaay!

After the conditioning circuits we finished off with some core work, there was a lot of swearing from the guys.  If I had a pound jar for every expletive I could have bought some snazzy new trainers.  Then stretching and we were done.

I was absolutely shattered afterwards but I loved it.  What a brilliant training session, thanks Derry. 🙂


  1. Derry Temple · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience of the class Rosie! I think today was a great class alright, although its always a great class with the solid morning crew at Urban Kings!!

    1. Tuesday’s conditioning sessions are one of the highlights of my week 🙂

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