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Gender, Embodiment, and Weight Lifting

Originally posted on The Span of My Hips:
[Content note: sexualized violence and objectification of women] I want to talk about embodiment and how it differs by gender. Embodiment is a bit of a nebulous concept, but basically it means a deep knowing of your body and its capabilities, and a feeling of groundedness rather than…

Wonder Woman Training

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.  All the world’s waiting for you,  and the power you possess.  In your satin tights,  Fighting for your rights  And the old Red, White and Blue.  Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.  Now the world is ready for you,  and the wonders you can do.  Make a hawk a dove,  Stop a war […]

Commonwealth Games 2014 – So much AWESOME!

This week I spent a few days up in Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.  I travelled up with my good friend Daz who is also a fellow martial artist and athletics coach.  Daz coaches various athletes in strength & conditioning, sprints and long jump and whenever we meet up we talk non-stop about training/sports and […]