It’s Muay Thai Holiday Time Again!

Superpro Muay Thai

It’s that time of year where I am currently in Thailand for my annual Muay Thai holiday.  My preparation for this trip wasn’t as good as it has been due to a lergy going round London before I flew out and so I had to take a few weeks out from training whilst I tried to recover.  Not a great start but I’m here now!

I have made a change to my trip as I usually spend one month in Phuket training at Sinbi. I am currently at Superpro in Koh Samui and I will be here for 2.5 weeks and then fly to Phuket over to Sinbi.  As usual I didn’t sleep on the plane so I was feeling quite monged out when I arrived yesterday and I was planning to start training on Thursday so I could get over my jet lag but I was feeling restless so decided to train today. I always get a case of nerves when I train anywhere for the first time, it’s the ‘new kid at school’ feeling and it usually means I have to run off for a pee every five minutes before class starts! I had been talking to a few of the students when I arrived and they are enjoying their time, the staff and trainers at Superpro are also friendly which always helps to settle my nerves so I knew I would be ok.

Sadly I seem to have arrived in Koh Samui in rainy season, I usually time my trips to Thailand at the end of Oct so I miss all the rain but each year the rains have been lasting longer, damn you global warming!  The first session of training in Thailand is always tough for me because I am dealing with a lack of sleep and my body needs to adjust to the humidity.  Today was no different.

Superpro has two classes a day.  One from 8-10am and the second from 5-7pm.  My room is close to the mats and bag area so there will definitely be no lie ins or afternoon siestas for me whilst I’m here.  Today’s session was tough but I really loved it.  Our class consisted of the following:

  • 20 mins skipping or shuttle runs along the path outside the gym.  I opted for skipping as I dislike running.  I was very impressed I didn’t swear when I smashed my toes on my Muay Thai rope
  • Warm up stretches
  • Technique drills
  • 2 rounds of shadow boxing
  • 4 rounds of pad work with a trainer
  • 6 rounds of partner technique drills
  • 10 rounds of bag drills
  • Conditioning
  • Cool down

I’m really looking forward to the rest of my trip as it means I will be able to mix up my martial arts with weights and yoga which I really struggle to do at home.  At Superpro they also have MMA, Crossfit and yoga classes plus a well kitted out gym with lots of machines and free weights.  I will make the most of my time here, there are a few of us training from my gym back home which is nice to be with familiar faces.  You can find out more about Superpro on their website. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I progress during my time here and then travelling on to Phuket to see my friends at Sinbi.

Here’s to another great training holiday. 🙂


  1. Have a good time at Sinbi! I went to Phuket last year to get my first taste of Muay Thai there and I met a bunch of people from Sinbi who were nice.

    1. Thanks. I love Sinbi, it’s a really great camp. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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