We need to break to become stronger


I am now on my third day in Thailand and I have spent two of those being ‘ripped’ apart by a guy called Lek who is referred to as ‘The Hand of God’.  One of the first things I had planned for Thailand was to have a Thai massage as I have been feeling really broken for a long time now.  I’ve had sports massages and they haven’t quite done what was needed.  I have now found out what I needed and it was according to Lek ‘no pain, no gain!’.

It’s a good thing that a few people had recommended I go to see Lek and had given him glowing reviews, because I did have second thoughts when I found myself stark naked with one boob facing North, the other South, one leg facing East and the other up in the air whilst I was having fingers jammed into my groin!  I have a few problems with my body which various therapists have been unable to fix… until now.  So I am as sore as hell but my right hip is feeling a lot looser, the golf sized ball of tension in my left shoulder has been worked away, the knot of suppressed emotion I keep in my stomach has been worked out and my lower back has been freed up.  I can move without pain… well, the only pain I have is soreness from my massages.

Whilst I was having my massages it got me thinking about how our bodies do so much for us, but we often treat it badly or don’t look after it the way it should be. It has been a wake up call for me to do Pilates and Yoga again when I get back home, to make time for regular sports massages and to eat better.  Of course I am not giving up cake, but I certainly won’t be eating it on every day that ends with a ‘y’.

The title of this blog is ‘we need to break to become stronger’.  This can be applied to so many things.  It’s also a reminder that at times in life when we are broken it is for a reason, to help us learn, to rebuild ourselves and to be better than we were before. It’s very easy to forget these things, we can be stuck in the past, worrying too much about the present that we miss what that word actually means – present. It is a gift.  Every emotion that we go through, it is a gift that we are alive, we feel, we have the freedom of choice.  The list is endless.

Three years ago when I was in Thailand I was broken, I was in a very dark place and I never thought I would see my way out of it. However, here I am again and this time I am stronger, wiser and happier than ever.  So the lesson to learn for today is that whatever has temporarily broken you at the moment I hope you take that experience and flip it around.  You can conquer it, don’t be beaten. That’s not what we’re here for.

I leave you all in love and light.  Let your light shine bright. x


  1. I know what you mean about … well, all of this. What was it about 2012? Me, you, lots of folks I know had a very dark year. Well, it was supposed to be the end of the world,right? I dragged myself out partly through my Berlin plans (then reality) and with the help of my musical friends. Different country, different hobby – but also good results. You make me think – there are loads of “Thai massage” places in my Stadtteil (city quarter. Most staff likely to be actually Vietnamese – we get nicknamed Little Saigon). I could probably also do with a good beating up!

    1. We got through it. That’s all that matters!

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