Training at Taling Ngam Muay Thai Gym, Koh Samui

Taling_Ngam I am currently on the South West of Koh Samui in the beautiful area of Taling Ngam. I am here to have some private sessions at Taling Ngam Gym with Meechai Junkaew who was recommended to me by my Muay Thai coach back home.  Meechai has had 155 fights with 120 wins and was ranked number one at Rajadamneorn stadium during his fighting career.  I was a little nervous when I went to the gym, but I didn’t need to be as I was in very good hands.


After my warm up of skipping and running, Meechai asked me to shadow box so he could observe my technique.  I am always very self conscious when shadow boxing, it’s one of those things that you need to do a lot and you should think about the combinations you are putting together so they flow and would work well in the ring, either when sparring or fighting.  After shadow boxing we did some technique drills and Meechai taught me some counters and defense work.  I have always struggled when sparring with taller opponents so I hope to be able to use some of the techniques I was taught today (watch out guys back home! ;P) and will make sure I practice them regularly.  Infact I have written them down so I remember.  We also did some pad work and some clinching, which is a real weak area of mine and one that I want to improve on whilst I’m in Thailand.

I really enjoyed my session with Meechai today.  He is a great trainer and is able to break down techniques very well and explain the principles of why you do things a certain way. I am looking forward to my next session which I have booked for the morning and I am hoping that it’s not raining because my hotel is 30 seconds from the beach!  If you would like to find out more about Taling Ngam Gym you can go to their website.

Thank you Meechai Junkaew for a great day of training! 🙂

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