Muay Thai, Massages and Banana Pancakes


Talingngam Muay Thai – awesome gym and fantastic trainers

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!  I am already three weeks into my annual Muay Thai holiday and I’ve had an absolute blast so far. I normally go on my training holidays alone but this year I have been training with friends and it’s been awesome to hang out with them.

I am now in Rawai, Phuket on the second half of my holiday so I can train at my regular camp -Sinbi.  I enjoyed Koh Samui, despite it raining every single day and had the opportunity to train at three different gyms.  Out of the three gyms Superpro, Yodyut and Talingngam my preference in order would be Talingngam followed by Yodyut and Superpro.  If I was to go back to Samui I would like to spend more time at Yodyut and I would definitely train at Talingngam again.

Since I have been in Phuket my training at Sinbi has been awesome.  I really love the class structure, trainers, facilities and the atmosphere at Sinbi, there are many reasons why I keep coming back each year.  It always feels great to be back here.

I have been having massages regularly which is a mixture of joy and pain.  It’s amazing how many knots your body can accumulate from training hard each day, plus there are years of built up tension which are being worked out of my muscles.  I either fall asleep whilst having massages or I whimper like a deer that has caught its paw in a trap.

On my holiday I have been trying hard not to eat too many banana pancakes.  Actually those and Magnum ice creams, I think I’m doing okay with both so far.  Although my sun hat has got Black Forest Gateau Cornetto and Magnum Almond stains on it.

10410290_10153431853578355_6430088032310348854_n (1)

Banana pancake.  The food of champions

Despite my occasional pancakes and ice cream noms I have been leaning out.  Infact my bikini bottoms are getting pulled off by the sea so I have to keep a tight grip on them, I definitely don’t want to be flashing anyone here.

I’m really happy with my training and it’s great to hang out with my friends.  I can’t stop smiling every day. I have another week and a half to go before I fly home.  I’m keen to learn as much as I can whilst I’m here… whilst also working on my sun tan. You’ve got to have goals! 🙂


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