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Training at Sitmonchai, Kanchanaburi

I have recently finished a week of Muay Thai staying at Sitmonchai which is in the beautiful countryside in Tha Maka Kanchanaburi which is about 2hrs drive  from Bangkok. I have been trying to make a trip to Sitmonchai for the last few years as I have  heard great things about the gym and I […]

The Road To My First Half Marathon

A couple of months ago I decided I needed a training challenge. My first love will always be Martial Arts, but I am unable to fight for health reasons so I was in need of a goal… and for some reason I chose one that I don’t particularly enjoy – running!  I am not a […]

Muay Thai, Massages and Banana Pancakes

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!  I am already three weeks into my annual Muay Thai holiday and I’ve had an absolute blast so far. I normally go on my training holidays alone but this year I have been training with friends and it’s been awesome to hang out with them. I am now […]

Training at Taling Ngam Muay Thai Gym, Koh Samui

 I am currently on the South West of Koh Samui in the beautiful area of Taling Ngam. I am here to have some private sessions at Taling Ngam Gym with Meechai Junkaew who was recommended to me by my Muay Thai coach back home.  Meechai has had 155 fights with 120 wins and was ranked […]

Training at Yodyut Muay Thai Gym, Koh Samui

I am now one week into my Muay Thai holiday and all I can say is “Wow. Where has the time gone already?”  I’ve had a really great week so far despite my right calf/achilles causing me problems.  I am training twice a day, mixing things up and have been able to lift more weights […]

It’s Muay Thai Holiday Time Again!

It’s that time of year where I am currently in Thailand for my annual Muay Thai holiday.  My preparation for this trip wasn’t as good as it has been due to a lergy going round London before I flew out and so I had to take a few weeks out from training whilst I tried […]

Wonder Woman Training

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.  All the world’s waiting for you,  and the power you possess.  In your satin tights,  Fighting for your rights  And the old Red, White and Blue.  Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.  Now the world is ready for you,  and the wonders you can do.  Make a hawk a dove,  Stop a war […]