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Rings, bars, levers & a mini obstacle course

Last weekend I went to the final session in a series of three bodyweight workshops that was run by Strength Ambassadors and featured guest coach Fi Silk who is a UK bar champion athlete and all round badass who has an enviable collection of cool gym kit. I felt a little sad that it was the […]

Tuesday Conditioning – Beastmode Engaged!

One of the many things I love about training at a MMA gym is that they are bound to have awesome conditioning sessions.  If you have ever seen fighters training, whether it’s strength work, conditioning, technique drills, sparring (depends on your partners) etc. they pretty much go all out beast mode and I really love […]

Food Glorious Food…

This week I have seen various tweets flooding my Twitter feed from the #fitfam family about eating ‘clean’ aka. #eatclean and how numerous people are patting themselves on the back for eating egg white omelettes, chicken, broccoli and brown rice 6 days a week and how much they are looking forward to their cheat meal.  […]

These are a few of my favourite (training) things

This week’s training has been really epic. I started off with Conditioning on Tuesday morning. It’s one of my favourite training sessions of the week as the coach Derry Temple always makes it tough but fun. Well I think it is fun, not sure about everyone else! This week’s session consisted of 4 rounds of each […]

They tried to make me go to rehab… I went to the bar(bell)

The first half of the year is very nearly over which gives me a good opportunity to review my health & fitness goals that I set myself in 2014, see if I am on track to achieving them and if not to evaluate, make tweaks where necessary and look at goals for the remainder of […]

Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, Dips, L sits, Levers & Olympic Rings!

Today I have got a major case of DOMS in my upper body. I love that feeling. This weekend I went along to the second bodyweight workshop in a series of three that Strength Ambassadors are running with guest coach Fi Silk. Fi is a UK bar champion athlete and she’s fast becoming one of […]

“What’s the point of doing martial arts if you don’t compete?”

 This weekend I found myself in a couple of discussions with guys who didn’t understand why anyone would learn martial arts without competing.  The first conversation started off in a coffee shop near my gym.  One of the staff saw my boxing gloves and asked me what I was doing and asked if I was […]