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Gender, Embodiment, and Weight Lifting

Originally posted on The Span of My Hips:
[Content note: sexualized violence and objectification of women] I want to talk about embodiment and how it differs by gender. Embodiment is a bit of a nebulous concept, but basically it means a deep knowing of your body and its capabilities, and a feeling of groundedness rather than…

The Day I Channelled my Inner Eddy Gordo from Tekken

At the MMA gym where I train we are incredibly fortunate to have a timetable of great classes which covers various combat sports and martial arts such as boxing, Glory kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and one that I have always wanted to try – Capoeira. I normally spend my Sunday mornings doing Muay Thai, […]

New York Oh How I Love Thee!

When I was a kid I always had a recurring dream that I could fly through the streets of New York.  My dreams were always very vivid and it has been a life long ambition to go one day.  So here I am, currently on my second last day of my holiday in New York […]

Ahhhh. So that’s what I’m made of!

This week has been pretty awesome despite not being able to train due to work commitments.  I received two emails that contained information that I had been waiting for.  The first one which I was really excited about were the results of a recent DNA sample that I gave to a company called Muscle Genes […]

I’m Going Back To My Roots…

This weekend has been an eye opener for a couple of reasons.  It made me realise that in my quest to become hench it had made me forget about a part of my life that is so deep in my soul that I cannot ignore it anymore.  I had a body composition assessment done along […]

A month of progress, insights & success!

 November started off on a bit of a low note for me due to two reasons.  The first one being that I usually go on my annual trip to Thailand to train at Sinbi Muay Thai camp for the whole month of November, except I wasn’t able to this year for work reasons so I […]

I love it when a (training) plan comes together

This week I finished a 3 month training plan devised by Ashley Horner (she is a WBFF pro/triathlete/super woman) called ‘Becoming Extraordinary’.  In the words of Ashley, the plan consists of (respectfully taken from her website to do it full justice): This 12 week program is for you if you’re looking for overall muscle tone […]