Women + MMA = WMMA


I am writing this post one day after MMA history was made where women were finally allowed to compete in the UFC.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, or been in prison (actually forget that one as they get TVs in prison) and don’t know which WMMA fighters I’m referring to then sort it out!  Just kidding, Ronda ‘Rowdy’ Rousey & Liz ‘Girl-rilla’ Carmouche headlined UFC157 under a huge media storm.

As a female martial artist I felt a sense of pride that female fighters were finally getting the chance to fight in UFC after Dana White categorically stated that women would never fight in his promotion.  It’s amazing what the prospect of big money & new fans can do to change a man’s mind.

As expected, there has been a huge onslaught of negative and offensive comments from the MMA internet trolls.  The comments have ranged from “They’re an insult to MMA” (poor misguided fools, the female fighters have so much technical ability you just wouldn’t understand) and “They should be in the kitchen making me something to eat” (how about a knuckle sandwich douchebag?).  Not to mention all the other horrendous comments that female fighters have to put up with about the way they look.

Why is that so many people think it’s perfectly acceptable to judge a female fighter in such a derogatory manner?  Do you ever hear female fans talking about the male fighters in the same way?  Hell no!  These same trolls would most likely brick themselves if they even came face to face with Rousey or Carmouche, or any of the others.

As it happens Rousey won the fight with her signature finish of the armbar in the first round but not without Carmouche giving her an early fright and taking her back to go for a choke and cranking the hell out of her face.  I thought it was a great fight and showed all the doubters and haters why women belong in the UFC.  The women can fight and are just as hard & tough as the guys and as always whenever there is a female fight on a predominantly male card the women steal the show.

So I would like to say a big thank you to Rousey & Carmouche for showing everyone what warriors you are and for making UFC history.  I can’t wait to see how WMMA will grow over the next few years.  I hope Invicta lands their TV deal soon and really hits the big time.  Whether you like it or not WMMA is here to stay.

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