Gender, Embodiment, and Weight Lifting

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The Span of My Hips

[Content note: sexualized violence and objectification of women]


I want to talk about embodiment and how it differs by gender. Embodiment is a bit of a nebulous concept, but basically it means a deep knowing of your body and its capabilities, and a feeling of groundedness rather than disassociation. It’s that knowing that tells my brother when he looks at a rock five feet away that he can do a two-foot jump and make it safely. It’s that trust that allows baseball players to dive for a ball and trust their body knows how to land. It’s that feeling that lets you throw a punch and know how it’s going to land.If you’ve ever been on a rocky beach, a beach strewn with boulders to get down to the water, and seen young men stride confidently, maybe even jump from one to the next, while their female companions tentatively step, test…

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  1. Many people don’t realize that men and women cannot do the same things as you just pointed out. Men push their female training partners to do things that the woman is not designed to do. This causes frustrations and injuries. What’s most worrying is that many personal trainers make the same mistake.

    1. Thanks for your reply. This isn’t my blog, it’s a blog that I came across that I thought was very well written and wanted to share. That’s an interesting comment you make about PTs pushing females to try and do things they aren’t able to do, care to expand on that some more? What are the things that you think women aren’t designed to do?

  2. Hi Rosie. It is actually not about what women shouldn’t do but more about which exercises are more effective to women and less risky to them. So I must rephrase ” Men push their female training partners to do things that the woman is not designed to do.” to ” Men push their female training partners to do things that may be more effective for men than women.” I have written about this issue here: and I hope it will help.

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