These are a few of my favourite (training) things

Thanks to Strength Ambassadors for allowing me to share this picture of the the Snatch technique

Thanks to Strength Ambassadors for allowing me to share this picture of the the Snatch technique

This week’s training has been really epic.

I started off with Conditioning on Tuesday morning. It’s one of my favourite training sessions of the week as the coach Derry Temple always makes it tough but fun. Well I think it is fun, not sure about everyone else! This week’s session consisted of 4 rounds of each set of exercises which were:

Set 1 (30 secs per station)
– Prowler sled sprints and pulls
– Barbell press
– Sledge hammer tyre slams

Set 2 (30 secs per station)
– Battle ropes
– Box jumps
– Burpees

Set 3 (30 secs per station)
– Power bag cleans & front squats
– Kettlebell double arm swings
– Press ups

By the time we had finished I was a sweaty mess but I had a huge grin on my face. I was back in the gym again in the evening for Muay Thai which was my first session in 5 weeks since being injured. It felt great to be back but my calves were really aching for two days after – ouch.

Wednesday I had kick boxing which is always awesome. I usually get partnered with one of the guys who also does Muay Thai and as we have more experience than the rest of the class the coach gives us extra drills to do which are always wicked. I usually end up with a nice bruise on my left thigh from all the kicks 🙂

Friday morning was upper body strength training. I am following a training and nutrition plan from Derry who is my Personal Trainer and I’m really enjoying it and feel great.

My other highlight of the week was today’s Olympic lifting workshop with Sally Moss from Strength Ambassadors. I have signed up to a 4 week beginner’s course and I absolutely love it. We started off with some mobility drills using a PVC pipe and then went into the different progressions for the Snatch before doing the full Snatch. As I am new to Oly lifting I am currently using a technique bar (5kg) with 5kg plates on each side. Towards the end of the Snatch session we were given 10 x single snatches to do on the minute, every minute and were given the option of being able to put additional weight onto the bar if we wanted so we could start getting PBs. I started to add some extra weight on rep 5 and then again on rep 9 so I got my Snatch PB of 22.5kg, unfortunately I didn’t quite get the last one and ended up conking myself on the head with the bar! At least now I know what I can go up to and so will keep up with a steady progression.

The second half of the session was doing the Clean and Jerk. If I had to choose between the two I think the C&J is my favourite. I am currently doing them with 25kg and I am looking forward to increasing the weight as I become more comfortable with the technique. My clean isn’t as strong as my jerk and so Sally gave me a great little tip as I don’t drive my elbows up enough for the transition for the bar to be on the front of my shoulders so she told me to imagine I was doing an upward elbow strike which is a Muay Thai technique – it worked! Today’s session ended with a circuit of 4 x 4 reps of front squats and 4 x 10 helicopters. A helicopter involves lying face down on the floor with your chest lifted off the floor and your arms outstretched in front of you with a plate in each hand. You keep the rest of your body flat on the floor and then move your arms down to your sides so they are parallel with your legs and move them back above your head, it’s a bit like making an angel in the snow. Even though we are using light plates they burn like mad! I really like this particular drill and will keep doing these even though they’re pretty evil.

I have one day left of my training schedule this week which will be Pilates and lower body strength training. I’m already wishing I was back at the gym!


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